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Richard L. from Plano, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid $4,659 saved
Richard L.
Plano, TX

I have visited dealerships three times earlier this year to try buy new car and each time I spent about 2 hours negotiating price but I never got a deal good enough for me to act on. Then I learned that the RAV4 Hybrid was coming out in May, and since I drive over 20k miles a year I decided to wait for it. Since it's so new, I was planning on buying with whatever the dealership asks. But my friend tell me about Carflock and I called immediately. The dealership was offering around 1k discount but Carflock got me an additional 3k off dealer's asking price, way under my expectation! No more calling or visiting each dealer for the availability and price, and no more negotiating. Carflock did it all for me, only thing you need to do, just go to the dealership, sign the final document and drive your new car away. Worth every penny I paid Carflock, Michael got me a price way lower than I anticipated.

Thank you, Michael. If you want to save time and money, go with Carflock.

Richard L.
New RAV4 XLE Hybrid owner, a happy owner.

Monarch P. from Fort Worth, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Toyota Highlander $5,982 saved
Monarch P.
Fort Worth, TX

For the past three weeks I was really trying to bargain with dealers and the best I got was $3,500 below list price. It was actually a pretty good deal and I almost took it. But then my wife found carflock and I figured why not let them try and see what happens. I knew dealerships need to make money on every deal but when Carflock came back with almost an extra $2,500 in savings I thought they were joking! And I'm sure even after the extra savings Carflock got me, they're still making money. This goes to show dealers are making a lot more money than they lead you to believe. Best part is, I didn't have to waste my Saturday sitting in a dealership doing all this myself.

Thank you Matt and thank you Carflock! You guys have made me a customer for life!

Yogin P. from Irving, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Honda Odyssey $6,715 saved
Yogin P.
Irving, TX

Someone in my family is always shopping for a new car since we like trading in to get the newest models. This time it was me as I just traded in my 2017 F-150 for a new Odyssey and though I have bought many many cars, the process never gets easier and I always have to do a lot of research just to make sure I'm getting a fair deal.

Since this was my first time using Carflock, I still did a lot of research just to make sure Carflock was getting me a better deal than I can get on my own. I can tell you, of all the cars that I've bought I've never paid below invoice on any of them, but Carflock got me almost 2.5k below invoice! I don't know how they did this but I've been kicking myself for not having found these guys sooner, they even went the extra mile and helped make sure I was getting a fair value on my trade-in. Don't try buying alone, use them now and you'll thank me for it. After this experience, next time I'll just sit back and let them handle the whole deal making for me. By far the easiest time I've had buying a car, I basically just showed up, everything was already said and done and I just signed the paperwork! Love you Carflock, you guys rock!

Garrett M. from Richardson, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Jeep Wrangler $5,610 saved
Garrett M.
Richardson, TX

Thank you Carflock for scoring me a killer deal on my Jeep! I'm a pretty good negotiator but thought I'd join Carflock anyways and see what kind of deal I'd get. To my surprise, I got an additional $1,305 off compared to when I tried negotiating on my own, and on a slightly better equipped Jeep...amazing! Much thanks to my rep who was a huge help through it all. A great concept for car buying, and saved me a ton of time as well.

Charlie P. from Grand Prairie, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Toyota RAV4 $3,746 saved
Charlie P.
Grand Prairie, TX

My wife and I have been shopping for a new SUV the last few months. We currently own two Hondas so we were thinking of leasing a new CR-V but we were also open to the Toyota RAV4. It was a little complicated deciding between the two since some features come standard on the CR-V but was optional on the RAV4 and vice versa. Our Carflock rep did an amazing job helping us focus on the features that mattered most to us and then helped us figure out how to make a true apples to apples comparison. He honestly did not seem to care at all which one we choose and why would he? Try getting that kind of honesty at a dealership. They even went and got us multiple offers on both the CR-V and RAV4 so we can decide what worked better for us. In the end, we decided to go with a RAV4 lease because it held its value slightly better over time and we got a really good deal on one. Plus my wife likes the RAV4 styling more, can't argue with that.

Skip the headaches, go with Carflock. Best car shopping experience I've had in my life. Thanks Michael!

Martin L. from Plano, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Toyota Sienna $6,307 saved
Martin L.
Plano, TX

Though this is not our first time buying a new car, it can be very frustrating because there are just too many options available in the market with different stores, models and features, even if you have an idea of what you want. In our case, we decided to buy a Toyota Sienna XLE. We received two quotes from different stores, but it was hard for us to tell which one is better deal since each promoted a different package and neither included my ideal options. We then heard about Carflock from an ad on our wechat group. Carflock was the perfect solution that kept my savings top of mind. I started working with Michael to buy my car, who was incredibly patient and knowledgeable about the car features. He found exactly what we needed, saving us more than a $1,000 off our previous offers. We purchased our perfect car 3 days after our first contact with Carflock.

We really appreciate the value of Carflock. This is a wonderful platform and service that will help more people buy the cars they want at the price they want.

Luke Z. from Fort Worth, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2018 Honda Pilot $4,310 saved
Luke Z.
Fort Worth, TX

I was planning to buy a car in May. After several months of researching, my friend introduced Carflock to me. I decided to try it since there is no risk of any charging. After joining the Carflock I found two things is very good for me. First, Michael the runner of Carflock is a very responsible guy. He not only help me to buy a car but also guides me on how to make negotiating well. Second, the Carflock present a platform for me to negotiate with the dealer online. This saves me a lot of time since I don't have to physically drive to the dealer. Also, buyers could make a group in Carflock to share information with each other is another great idea. I would definitely introduce Carflock to my friends who plan to buy a car, I think they will like it.

Terry H. from Dallas, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2018 Nissan Leaf $4,650 saved
Terry H.
Dallas, TX

I was in the market for a new car. I had driven my car 18 years and for over 217,000 miles. I bought my 18-year old car new in November of 2000. I drive 50 miles roundtrip to work every day. I had discovered that I spend $10,000 every 5 years on just gasoline. I needed a new car. Reliability was fading, and I was worried. So, I immediately joined a flock. Listed on the flock page were the MSRP of the car I chose, the price I should expect to pay, and the price we should expect from Carflock's negotiation. That information was helpful!

After a few days and because Carflock's concept was so new, no one had joined our flock. But Michael came to our rescue. Without pay, he took our car information and began "wheelin-n-dealin." Before long, Michael had secured a deal for exactly the car we wanted. The only hitch to his master plan was that I had changed my mind on the color I wanted. I had decided at the last minute that I didn't want exactly that car that he had negotiated on my behalf. Nonetheless, I was looking at the same time that he was, and I found the car I wanted—unknown to Michael at the time. In my own negotiation, Michael had unwittingly contributed to my offer. I chose the price that Michael had negotiated for me to determine what I would pay for the car I was looking at. I gave the dealer my price and the dealer accepted my offer. That same day (or that night of the offer) my wife and I drove from the dealership in our new car. My wife and I are considering replacing her car, too. She's driven her car 18 years and for over 225,000 miles. I hope Michael and Carflock can help us then, too. :-)

HongChao W. from Plano, TX - Carflock Testimonial
2019 Toyota 4Runner $6,448 saved
HongChao W.
Plano, TX

A letter of thanks to Carflock: I have been thinking about change a car for a while but the negotiating is very laborious, I talked about several car dealers but the price is not satisfactory. Later, through a friend introduction, I find Carflock, who has a good reputation. Through his contact with the dealership, I got the car, the model, the color, the equipment, and finally I found a car that I was very satisfied with. After the tax, I got $7000.00 cheaper than the original price, I really can't believe that!!but the fact is there. Later, I applied for a car loan. Because my credit score is not good, the loan interest rate is relatively high. Mike and the sales staff repeatedly negotiated and wrestled with each other. The final interest rate has dropped by half. Mike is completely standing on our position and fighting for us. The best result, I am really fortunate that I am looking for the right person. He is very professional, careful and excellent. It saves us a lot of time and money.

Through this experience of buying a car, we realized that people who don't know how to buy a car will spend more money. People who don't understand the buy a car pattern will suffer big losses, so I have to give Mike a big compliment!

You ;)

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