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What is Carflock? Carflock is an online collaboration app for in-market auto shoppers. We match similar buyers together and let them negotiate with dealers in their local markets.

Am I buying a car from Carflock or from a car dealership? Carflock brings buyers and dealers together online and does not actually sell any vehicles. You are buying from franchised car dealerships and get all the same benefits as their customers who buy in person.

Can I only purchase new vehicles on Carflock? Carflock currently focuses on purchase or lease of new vehicles. However, once buyers join a flock they may always discuss used car options with dealers.

Do you share my contact information with dealers? Carflock shares your contact information only if you accept a dealer's offer at the end of negotiations. This allows the dealer to schedule an appointment with you to complete the sale.

What if I would like to take a test drive before I buy? Carflock expects most buyers who join a flock to be ready to buy and have thus already taken a test drive if they want to. However, since buyers are put in direct contact with dealerships, it will be easy to schedule a test drive with them.

What if I have a trade-in? If you have a trade-in that you want dealers to consider, you may indicate so during the sign up process. After a dealer is assigned to your flock, you may discuss it with them. Additionally, your Carflock Shepherd can also provide you with helpful tips and trade-in alternatives to consider.

What if I need financing? If you are interested in financing through dealers, you may indicate so during the sign up process. After a dealer is assigned to your flock, you may discuss it with them. Flocks should consider financing together. Like price negotiation, when flocks finance together, their buying power enables them to negotiate better financing terms (e.g. lower APR). This can significantly reduce each buyers' total costs.

I'm already a good negotiator, how can Carflock help me? All buyers gain more negotiating power simply by joining a flock. For seasoned negotiators, a flock increases their negotiating power even more, and in a way that offers more positive incentives to dealers. So everyone benefits.

But also, experienced negotiators are often great assets and a big help to their flocks. So join a flock, be yourself, and let others love you for it!


When should I join a flock? Most buyers who sign up have already decided what vehicle they want to buy and are looking to make that purchase within the next 45 days.

Do I have to buy a car once I join a flock? No, buyers are not obligated to buy after joining a flock, a dealer must still win your business. At the end of every negotiation, you may choose to accept or decline a dealer’s offer.

Can I change my vehicle or buy a different one after joining a flock? Absolutely. Buyers are allowed to make changes to vehicle model, trims, colors, and options but not vehicle make. This is because after joining a flock, a flock is connected with a new car dealer of one particular make.

Do I join a flock immediately upon completing the sign up process? Yes. Once you've signed up, Carflock checks existing flocks to find a suitable match. If one is found, you will be added to it. If one does not exist, we will start a new flock for you.

How many buyers are in a flock together? Usually 3 to 5 buyers are in a flock.

How do you decide who to put in the same flock? Carflock takes into account a buyer's location and the make of the vehicle they are looking to purchase in order to match buyers as closely as possible.


How much can I expect to save by negotiating with a flock? How much flocks save has a lot to do with how well they've researched market prices. While results vary, flocks are often able to beat market prices by an additional $1,675.

How can a flock increase their chances of negotiating success? There are a lot of variables that affect the outcome of negotiations, below are some points to follow to ensure your flock's success:

  • Do good research and know current market prices, be able to give proof of your price research to dealers.
  • Focus your negotiations on the terms that matter to you the most.
  • Stand united as one flock, help each other.
  • Try to be flexible with vehicle trim, colors, options, etc.
  • Consider financing as a flock to gain better financing terms. It's a great way to reduce total costs rather than just focus on vehicle sale price.
  • Remind dealers they are making multiple sales at one time, shift dealer's attention to the profit potential of an entire flock.
  • Set realistic and fair expectations.

Does Carflock help in the negotiation process? A Carflock Shepherd will join each flock to help answer questions, check research, and guide buyers through Carflock’s website. Our goal is to help get negotiations off to a good start and provide objective support. Buyers themselves, working as a flock, are still the best negotiators.

What if the dealer does not have the exact vehicle I want in stock? If the dealer does not have your vehicle in stock, most times they can find it elsewhere (at the factory/port or another dealer) and acquire it for you. If you’re flexible with color and options, you can also go with a vehicle the dealer currently has in stock, just be sure to recheck prices. In both these situations dealers are negotiable on price, though they tend to be more negotiable on vehicles they have in their own inventory.

If the dealer is not able to find your vehicle anywhere (likely because it’s an uncommon build), then dealers can place a custom order directly with the manufacturer. In this latter case, dealers tend to be less negotiable on price.

What if other buyers in my flock are purchasing different models from the same make, can we still negotiate effectively? Absolutely. A dealer has access to a make's entire stock and is more than happy to sell you whatever vehicle you desire. The important thing is that each buyer has done their research and can share with their flock where they found the lowest price for their own vehicle. Oftentimes, the same source will provide the best market prices for vehicles of the same make.

Why should I have to make concessions during negotiations with dealers? It's important to stay open-minded since the negotiation process is only successful when flocks and dealers agree on a price that they're both satisfied with. In discovering this price, it's common for both sides to set their initial asking price above/below their expectations then make concessions while negotiating.

Will I be negotiating with a local dealer? Once you've been placed in a flock, your entire flock will be assigned a local dealer in your area.

Can I negotiate a lease on a new vehicle? Yes.

Are dealers obligated to sell to a flock? No. Like buyers, dealers are free to accept or decline a flock's offer.


Am I buying a car from Carflock or from a car dealership? Carflock brings buyers and dealers together online and does not actually sell any vehicles. You are buying from franchised car dealerships and get all the same benefits as their customers who buy in person.

What does a dealer’s offer look like? The dealer will present an offer on an actual vehicle (VIN) to buyers based on the vehicle the buyer configured during the sign up process. This offer will include specific details on the vehicle, price, and any financing offers for the buyer to consider.

What if I don't like a dealer's offer? This is normal during negotiations, so keep negotiating. If, however, negotiations have stalled and you are not satisfied with the dealer's offer, you may decline the offer. Then it's your choice if you want to join another flock and negotiate with a different dealer or buy another way. Since you made no deal, you will not be charged anything.

What if I want to accept a dealer's offer but others in my flock have not yet decided? If you're happy with the dealer's offer but others in your flock are not decided, you should go ahead and accept your offer. This ensures you can reserve the vehicle you want and lock in the terms you're happy with. It may also breathe new life into others negotiations as it allows the dealer to lock in some profit of their own.

What happens after I accept a dealer's offer? After accepting a dealer's offer, you will be charged a fully refundable $500 security deposit to reserve the vehicle. To ensure a smooth and quick visit at the dealership, we encourage you to begin working with the dealer to arrange financing before your visit. Your contact information will then be shared with the dealer in order to set up an appointment to complete the sale and pick up your new car.

What's the security deposit for and is it refundable? The $500 security deposit is to reserve the vehicle before you are able to finalize the sale at the dealership. The deposit is subtracted from the final sale price of the vehicle. If for whatever reason you change your mind before you complete the purchase, you may get a full refund, no questions asked.

Can I complete the entire sales transaction online? Carflock allows you to negotiate all the terms related to the purchase of a new vehicle online, but you still must visit the dealership to complete the transaction. After accepting a dealer's offer, buyers are encouraged to begin working with dealers to arrange financing (if needed) before they make their visit to the dealership. This will ensure a smooth and quick buying experience at the dealership.

What should I look out for when I show up at the dealership? Carflock works closely with dealers to ensure flocks get the best experience throughout the entire buying process. With that said, it's always a good idea for buyers to carefully inspect the vehicle and the sale contract to make sure everything matches with the dealer's offer on Carflock and is up to the buyer's expectations.

What happens if the dealer changes their offer when I show up at the dealership? Dealers on Carflock are not permitted to change any of the terms initially agreed to on Carflock. If they do, remind them of your original agreement and insist they honor it. Remember, you have the right to reject the dealer's offer even at this point.

If the dealer will not honor their original agreement, refuse the offer and report the instance to Carflock and your security deposit will be refunded to you.

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